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The General Scholarship Application is currently closed for Spring awarding. If funding remains, the application will re-open for summer applications in February. Students with submitted applications on file who enroll full time (12 hours UGRD, 9 hours GRAD each semester) and have a minimum 3.0 UGRD / 3.25 GRAD GPA will be evaluated for scholarships. If you are graduating, your graduation application must be on file prior to filling out the scholarship application if enrolled less than full-time in your final semester. GRALT students, Second Baccalaureate, and CERT students are not eligible for scholarship funding

How You Are Matched To Scholarship Opportunities
As a current or newly-admitted student, your general application is based on your information in your student center.
You may be automatically matched with scholarships for which you meet the criteria, and your profile will be available to the awarding department for review. These automatch scholarships will be listed as “None” under the Action column, which means no further action is required on your part.
You may be a good candidate for a scholarship, but more information is required. "Apply” will appear under the Action column, and you will have to complete an application to apply for that scholarship. These are Recommended scholarships found under the Opportunities drop-down menu above.

Qualifying and applying to scholarships does not guarantee that you will be offered a scholarship. This is a competitive process.

Opportunities Table
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There are not any opportunities available.